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ANTS (Automated Note Taking System)

ANTS (Automated Note Taking System) is web app that transcribes lectures, provides knoweledge cards, and allows students to write manual notes.


transcribes lectures or meetings in realtime

ANTS transcribes the lecture in realtime, letting you focus on whats important: taking notes. No more worrying about jotting down everything the professor says. In addition to the automated transcription, there is space for you to take personal notes as well.

Keyword Extraction and knowledge cards

Using natural language processing, we highlight important keywords and provide contextual knowledge cards with Wikipedia definitions. If you want to learn more about the concept, simply click the highlighted word and we send you directly to a Google search.

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login and orgganize

Using Facebook authentication, securely access and take notes on any device. Simply visit the Notes page to see a list of all your notes in chronological order.

filter by class

In addition to lecture titles, each note can be tagged with a specific course name. To see all the notes for a specific course, select the course in the filter dropdown.